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Cajaka Furniture

Cajaka Furniture is an exciting new furniture manufacturing and import company catering for the furniture needs of Namibians from all walks of life. We provide a range of premium quality furniture and other trendy interior solutions in modern and contemporary styles. Being a 100% Namibian-owned Company the emphasis will be on bringing service, affordability and customer satisfaction to the Namibian market.


Vision: Cajaka Furniture strives to become the leading supplier of high quality furniture and joinery at affordable prices to the Namibian market. Superior service and customer satisfaction will be key elements to our business with delivery of any product in our standard range within 24 hours of purchase. We will certainly attempt to realize your dream piece of furniture, even if it does not form part of our existing range. You dream, we do.

Mission: We want to involve the whole family when it comes to furnishing and decorating their homes. Our friendly retail stores will provide a comfortable and inspiring shopping experience to young and old. Kids will be captivated by Mickey, Winnie, Kitty and Cars and they will just love the magic that these characters will create in their own bedrooms. Mom and Dad will find quality and style at affordable prices, while custom made dream kitchens and bedroom wardrobes will transform your home.

Values: Honesty, Integrity, Quality, Service, Affordability

Please Note:
Local manufacturing takes up to 6-8 weeks from receipt of the deposit to the installation date depending on the production schedule of the factory.

Colombini Casa

Cajaka Furniture is very excited to be affiliated with the world renowned brand Colombini Casa, our aim to decorate Namibian homes in true Italian quality and style.

Colombini offers great furniture solutions for projects big and small. The Colombini adviser in Namibia has a proven track record with the Italian brand. Her involvement with Colombini spans over a 6 year period, offering extensive knowledge and a practical approach to the entire Colombini range.

Through Colombini, Cajaka can offer a complete, seamless solution to all your interior project needs; from the initial 3-D design to the installation of your precision manufactured units. The involvement of Colombini’s quality control team, technicians and manufacturing experts ensure that every Colombini product meets the highest quality standards defined by the ISO 9001:2008 certified management system.

About Colombini Casa from Italy

Colombini Casa is based in Italy and was established in 1965. Over the years Colombini have built a superb international brand in the furniture manufacturing industry that enjoys international recognition for style, quality, versatility and affordability. Colombini offer a vast collection of ten different product lines that includes classic, contemporary, modern and ultra-stylish kitchens, furniture and décor with the emphasis on quality and service delivery.

Local Joinery

Cajaka provides joinery services for property developments and new and existing home owners. In addition we have recently secured the sole distribution rights for the Colombini Casa brand in Namibia. Cajaka is very excited to be associated with the world renowned brand and aim to decorate Namibian homes in true Italian quality and style.

Furniture Manufacturing

CFMI specialises in the manufacturing and distribution of affordable home furniture. We have an exciting and popular range of furniture that offers unique and practical solutions to the Namibian market.

Project Realisation

Colombini Italy is involved with every aspect of each and every order to ensure quality control and technical specifications that meet the highest quality standards as defined by the ISO9001:2008 certified management system.
Colombini’s contract division carefully and professionally evaluates the client’s requests by analysing the project and proposing various solutions while taking into consideration the buyer’s budget. Colombini’s staff manages all the phases of the project, starting from the proposal to delivery.

Please Note:
When you order a Colombini Casa and pay the deposit on your order the delivery period takes between 10 -12 weeks. (Admin is normally one week, production time is 30 days and the container takes roughly 30 days as well) . When the site is ready for installation, the installation gets done rapidly.

Visit the link below to find out more about Colombini Casa.

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Projects done and completed by the Cajaka & Colombini team.


Projects done and completed by the Cajaka & Colombini team.


Projects done and completed by the Cajaka & Colombini team.

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Projects done and completed by the Cajaka & Colombini team.

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